A successful spot check reveals a hidden creature.

  • Use: Spot is part of the detect modal action. In passive detect mode, checks are made automatically every round. Active detect mode in a modal action reduces the normal movement rate and makes the character perform an active spot, as well as search and listen checks.

Additional modifiersEdit

  • +10 DC if the spotter is in combat.
  • +5 DC if the target is standing still.
  • -5 DC if the spotter is standing still.
  • Size modifiers (tiny: +8, small: +4, medium: 0, large: -4, huge: -8).
  • Area spot check modifiers.
  • +5 DC for stealthed players (only), if they are in the back arc.
  • +5 DC at night if the spotter does not have a light (or darkvision).
  • -10 DC at night if the target has a light on them.