The quickbar is a part of the Neverwinter Nights interface, allowing quick and easy access to common game actions. Cells in the bar are commonly called quickslots and each corresponds to a function key on the keyboard. There are a total of 36 cells, 12 of which are visible at a time; the others can be accessed by holding down the Ctrl or Shift keys on the keyboard. When you click on the cell or press the associated key, the command placed in the cell is executed.

Cells can be filled by either dragging items from inventory or spells from the spellbook into the cell or by right-clicking on an empty cell -- which will open the radial menu. Besides items and spells, actions, abilities, and custom text macros may be placed in a cell.

In order to create a dual-wield equipment setup (i.e., weapon and shield, or weapon and off-hand weapon), the main-hand weapon is dragged and dropped into a quickslot and then the off-hand item (torch or a second weapon) is dragged and dropped into the same cell. To dual-wield a weapon and a shield, the order in which the items are added to the quickbar does not matter. The weapon will go to the main hand, and the shield will go to the off-hand automatically.