The character using this skill can combine raw components to form various trap kits. There is a 10% chance on any failed skill roll that the components are lost, even though a trap was not crafted.

  • Check: The difficulty class is determined by the type of trap being created. The more powerful the trap, the more difficult it is to build and the more components it requires.
  • Use: selected


  • Added in the expansion packs.
  • This skill is more useful for a character who is also skilled in setting traps.
  • Trap kits created with this skill are considered "stolen" and therefore many merchants will not buy them.
  • You need one component for minor traps, three for medium traps, five for strong traps and seven for deadly traps (see table).
  • Epic traps can't be crafted.
  • Difficulty classes for crafting trap kits are listed in the following table. The difficulty classes for setting these kits, as well as the difficulty classes for detecting and disarming the resulting traps, are listed in the notes for the set trap article. The effects of the resulting traps are listed in the notes for the trap article.

Trap type Component Minor (1) Average (3) Strong (5) Deadly (7)
acid splashacid flask15253035
electricalquartz crystal20253035
firealchemist's fire20253035
gaschoking powder30354045
holyholy water15202530
negativeskeleton knuckles15202530
tangletanglefoot bag15202530