A successful check allows a character to charm or dominate certain creatures.

  • Check: Animals and dire animals have a difficulty class of 15 + the creature's hit dice. For beasts and magical beasts, the DC is 19 + the creature's hit dice. If the check succeeds, the creature is dominated.
  • Special: If the character fails their check by five or more, the creature will go hostile.
  • Use: Select this skill (from the quickbar) and then select the target creature. Dominated creatures will be commanded as if they were henchmen. The creature will remain dominated for one turn per level of the character using the skill.


  • This skill can also be selected from the radial menu of the target creature.
  • This skill does not work on some creatures one might consider animals, such as vermin and hell hounds. (Hell hounds are in fact outsiders.)
  • This skill does not work on creatures with immunity to mind spells. (The domination effect counts as a mind spell.)